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Frequently Asked Questions about Heating Oil

Shown below are answers to frequently asked questions about the use of heating oil. Please Contact us if you have other questions.

1. What happens when I start service?

New heating oil accounts are set up on an automatic delivery schedule or on a will call basis.  We also require new heating oil accounts to take advantage of our free Tank Safety Check within 60 days of initiating service.

2. I am on automatic delivery, what does this mean?

With automatic delivery, heating oil is based on the “degree day” system, so our computers will automatically release your order when the tank level reaches approximately ¼ remaining.

3.  I am on will call delivery, what does this mean?

If you are set up as a will call customer, it is your responsibility to call us when the tank reaches around ¼ and please give us a 72 hour notice excluding weekends and holidays. We encourage you to order atleast 150 gallons at a time. You may also order online!

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4. How do I read my Heating oil gauge?

We encourage all customers to familiarize themselves with their tank and equipment so they can help keep track of how much fuel they have on hand. Oil Gauge

A heating oil gauge is installed on most above ground tanks. When the tank reaches approximately a ¼ left it is time for a delivery. If you have an underground tank or your tank does not have a gauge it is highly recommended that your account is set on automatic delivery to avoid running out of oil during the cold winter months.

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5. What do I do if I run out of oil?

Capitol Di$count Fuel wants our customers to enjoy the benefits of heating oil warmth and have the peace of mind that their heating system is in good working order.  Automatic delivery is the way to prevent this from happening.

If you are a “will call” customer and have run out, your furnace may require a visit from a service tech. There is a fee for this. We recommend you call us when the oil tank is approximately ¼ left. Automatic customers prioritize over will call customers.

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6. Who do I call to service my boiler or furnace?

Call Capitol Di$count Fuel! We have a knowledgeable, professional team that can keep your furnace running in top condition. Cleaning specials run from April thru August. Time and material apply remainder of the year. We highly recommend a tune up after every heating season to keep your furnace running trouble free and giving you the best efficiency possible to help save money.

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7. What do I do if I am moving?

Please let us know in advance the date you wish to close the account.  If you are on an automatic delivery schedule, we will need to pull your delivery ticket from our system.  We ask if you would also drop a letter or e-mail so we can update our records. Any top off deliveries will be C.O.D. only.

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7. How will I be billed?

You will be mailed or emailed an invoice following each delivery. A delivery ticket copy will be left for your records.  Finance charges will be applied on balances that are unpaid after 30 days from the date of delivery or service. With a credit card payment, we will send you a receipt after the card is processed. Please keep your expiration date updated with us so we can avoid any delays in service.

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8. What are my different payment options?

Upon credit approval, payments are due within 30 days of delivery date.  Payments can be made at our office, online, by mail, or to the driver when a delivery is made.  A Smart Pay plan is also available with approved credit.

Smart Pay Payment Plan:This plan runs a full year allowing you to have a monthly payment that we determine by estimating your usage.  The twelfth month is a settlement month, in which any remaining balance would need to be paid in full.  If you are interested in our Smart Pay Payment Plan please call our office during regular business hours and ask to speak with our oil or gas budget coordinator.

Visa, M/C or Discover: For your convenience we accept these major credit cards. We have a form that needs to be signed and returned before activated.

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9. Are there any other service fees or termination policies I should know?

Service Fees: A service fee will be assessed to your account for a returned check.

Finance Charge: A finance charge will be assessed to your account for any balance that remains past due for 30 days or more.

Regulatory Fee: A small charge is added to each delivery.  This charge assists Capitol Di$count Fuel in complying with state and federal regulations.

Service Termination: Capitol Di$count Fuel may stop service for any of the following reasons with or without prior notice:

  • Capitol Di$count Fuel personnel find hazardous conditions.
  • Any account, which becomes past due, is subject to termination of automatic fuel delivery WITHOUT NOTICE until the account balance is paid in full.
  • If an account remains past due, collection notices will be sent to the customer’s address.  If there is no response to the past due notice, we may interrupt service for nonpayment.

Extra Delivery Charges will be applied to weekends, holidays or after hour deliveries.

A prime and start charge may be added for starting your furnace due to nonpayment situation or if your account is set up “will call”.

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More information needed?

Our website provides informative information and links. You can also go to for more helpful tips.
If you have other questions or ones that have not been answered, please call us so that we can assure your complete satisfaction! Phone 703-978-6400

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