In addition to offering residential home heat, Capitol Di$count Fuel provides gasoline, highway diesel, and off-road diesel fuel for commercial use. We are committed to providing your business with fair and dependable service.

We are providing quality service to commercial accounts that are helping to build a better community for you.

  • On Road Diesel
    We Provide Highway Diesel for Commercial Usage.

  • Off Road Diesel
    We provide Off Road Diesel for Commercial Construction, and off road farm use.

  • generatorGenerators
    We are experienced in providing quality and prompt service for backup generators.  This service will allow your business to continue to operate during emergency situations.

  • Landscaping
    lawnWhile assisting you to keep your overhead down we offer competitive prices and quality service to ensure that your business continues to run smoothly.

  • Government Contracts
    We have certified CDL drivers that pass government background requeriments to facitilate any government jobs and/or contracts.

  • Projects
    We are providing highway and off road diesel to contractors that are working on the construction on the Dulles Metro Rail Project, and to commercial bridge and road projects throughout the greater DC metro area.
dulles1 dulles2

  • More
    We are not limited to the above Commercial uses. If you have other needs, please Contact Us.

Where applicable we can place on-site 500 gallon loaner tanks. For more information, please call 703-978-6400.