Home Efficiency Tips

Looking for ways to save money? Our Home Efficiency tips can save you alot over time, as well as keep you and your family safe.

  • Turn off kitchen, bath or other fans within 20 minutes of cooking or bathing to retain heated air.

  • Insulate walls and heating ducts in attics and crawlspaces and keep them in good condition to prevent heat loss of up to 60% at registers.

  • Open draperies and blinds of the windows in direct sunlight to naturally heat your home during the day and keep them closed at night to keep heat in.

  • Schedule regular maintenance check-ups, and clean or replace filters on furnaces once a month or as needed.

  • Install weather stripping or caulking around windows, doors and thresholds to seal air leaks.

  • Install a programmable thermostat and set temperatures lower at night when asleep and during the day when not at home.  By lowering the temperature inside your house by 5 to 10 degrees during these periods, you can reduce your heating bill by up to 20% a year.

  • Install ceiling fans to help circulate warm air. 

  • Avoid using space heaters. They're expensive to operate, and can be dangerous, too.

  • Get a heating system tune-up.  It'll ensure you get maximum performance from every drop of heating oil burned.

  • Choose a high-efficiency clothes washer and dryer. High-efficiency washers use half the water of standard models. High-efficiency dryers can save up to 30% in energy over standard models.